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The Face of Incumbency

Congressmen Pete Stark from California’s 13th district was video taped at a town hall-style meeting recently.  The video is all over the internet (you can see it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qVpMwqv7QM).  He was asked about the federal government’s lack of initiative in securing our border.  I would fully expect him to disagree with the position of the person asking the question.  He is a democrat congressman from the San Francisco Bay area and the person asking the question is a self-described “Minute Man.”  The fact that they disagree is not the important part.  It is how Mr. Stark treats the people he was elected to represent.

Mr. Stark shows the individual nothing but contempt.  Dismissing the question on its face.  Even going so far as to say that if the questioner knew anything about the border he would know it’s secure.  He makes multiple references to the “Minute Men” shooting illegal immigrants, which to my knowledge has never happened.  He rolls his eyes when others in the group voice similar concerns (including some immigrants to this country).  When someone at the meeting calls him on being disrespectful and not giving straight answers he is treated with vitriol.

See, the thing that will get Mr. Stark kicked out of office is not his stance on the issues.  I mean, he’s wrong on this issue but that’s not the point.  He doesn’t care what his constituents think and he isn’t afraid to show it.  Think about it, if he was looking for you to give him a job and he approached his job interview that way would you hire him?  If he was your employee and treated your criticism that way would you keep him?   Well if the people of the 13th district don’t vote him out, they’re saying yes they would.  I guess that’s what a lifetime (38 years in congress) in the ruling class will get you.

Note: While I’d like to take credit for naming Mr. Stark as the face of incumbency I cannot.  The title was given to him by Mr. Chris Matthews.



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