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Cast of Characters by Max Lucado

So I read the book “Cast of Characters: Common People in the Hands of an Uncommon God” by Max Lucado.  The book itself is a collection of personal stories and stories of biblical characters.  He has all of the usual suspects.  Stories include Peter, Matthew, David, etc.  He attempts to weave these together to provide insight into the way God deals with mankind.

One thing to note is by and large this is not a “new” work by Lucado.  This is a book that takes bits and pieces from other books that he has written and works them together to form one book.  It is probably best to look at it as a devotional along the lines of “Grace for the Moment” (also by Lucado) than as a single work.  It didn’t bother me too much as I haven’t read that much from him before.  But you should take note.

I’ve liked some of Lucado’s work in the past.  I’ve not liked others.  This one I did not like.  First of all, he creates stories about the biblical characters, sometimes even out of thin air.  Stories like Matthew not wanting to share his new-found faith with his friends because they just wouldn’t like Jesus.  They aren’t “church people.”  While a little fleshing out of the stories is ok, making stuff up entirely rubs me the wrong way.

Secondly he relies very heavily on the New Century Version (NCV) which in my humble opinion is a waste of paper.  He builds entire points on some of the more egregious translation errors committed by the NCV because they help him with the story he wanted to tell.

The book isn’t all bad.  There are good parts but I would spend my time reading something a little hardier than wasting the time eating this book (it’s mostly bones you’re going to want to spit out).

I am supposed to say that I was provided this book for free by Thomas Nelson for the purposes of reviewing it.  This is my honest opinion (obviously) and I was not influenced by TN in how I made my review.



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