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Could have used a Map…

The Skin Map was written by Stephen Lawhead.  The book focuses on the accidental adventures of Kit, a young man in modern London.  He comes in contact with his Great Grandfather Cosimo who tells him that there are spots and paths on the Earth that will take you to other worlds, other Earths as it were.   In an attempt to demonstrate this new discovery to his girlfriend Mina he accidentally loses her.

He recruits the help of his Great Grandfather to find her.  They join forces with Sir Henry, a fellow adventurer.  Kit then learns of “the Skin Map.”  It is a map of symbols that were tattooed on a man’s torso that contain information on how to travel through these dimensions.  A road map of different worlds and where they connect. All along the way they are chased by the “Burley men,” a group of men who work for someone who is also in search of “the Skin Map.”

The book started out well.  I found the characters interesting and their situations engaging and believable.  I have two main issues with the book and they both have to do with the ending.  First of all, it just sort of stops.  There is no real resolution to the story, or even to this part of the story.  Secondly I found a device used at the end to allow for some ending to the story a bit contrived.  It was rushed and felt out of place with the rest of the story.  I realize however this is the first in a series and perhaps after another book or two it may make more sense.

Another issue I have is that I got this book as part of a book review program by Thomas Nelson (the review is my own and I am not providing a “good” review because they supplied the book to me).  With that said I expected it to have some type of “Christian” world view or message.  It did not that I can tell.  That was disappointing.



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