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Seeds of Turmoil by Bryant Wright

Seeds of Turmoil CoverThe book is a clear, and insightful, look at the biblical roots of the turmoil that exists in the Middle East.  To some that might seem as a strange concept.  The last books of the Bible were written centuries ago before even Islam (the predominate religion in the region) existed.  Wright makes the case that the conflict began more than 4,000 years ago started by the father of three world religions.  A man named Abraham.  That the choices he made shaped the Middle East in ways that Abraham could not have anticipated. 

Wright makes the case with clear exposition and copious douses of humor thrown in.  For example, when Sarah was unable to conceive the child that God promised, she suggested that Abraham conceive with her servant Hagar.  Abraham followed his wife’s advice and when Hagar became pregnant Sarah blamed Abraham for doing it.  Wright theorizes that Abraham had a “but you told me to…” moment with his wife (I’m sure I don’t have any idea what that’s like).  By doing this Wright makes the biblical characters come to life, without ever really straying far from the biblical narrative (which I appreciate).

I would recommend this book.  There’s not a lot new if you’ve done much reading in this area, but even so Wright says things in a way that will make you think more than some other works (the book by Hal Lindsey on the subject comes to mind).

I did receive the book free of charge from booksneeze in exchange for my review.  The opinions are my own and were not influenced by the receiving of the book for free.



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