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The Story of the Bible

This was an interesting book.  I had seen it at a few different stores.  It’s about 100 pages of information on the history of the best selling book on the planet.  It takes you from the origins of the Hebrew Bible and its differences with the Christian Old Testament (believe it or not there are differences, though not in content).  It also contains many (it says 23 but I didn’t count) “pull outs) that allow you to look at the texts being talked about in their original size.  Some things are smaller than you would expect (for some reason I thought the Isaiah Scroll would be wider) some larger.  They provide great context to what is being discussed on the page.

I really like this book.  It is not the biggest or the most scholarly book on the subject but it is the most interesting I’ve seen.  I really didn’t expect it to have any information I did not know but it did.  I expected it to be basically a neat to look at book, something to have out on the table to pick up and glance at every once in a while.  The only thing I think I really have to say that would be negative about the book is that the binding, while being hard cover is flat glued to the spine.  Because of the dimensions of the book it doesn’t keep it from opening flat, but will, I expect, limit the longevity of the book.  But even there I’m being a bit nit picky.

All in all, I really like this book.

Now I am supposed to tell you I received this book for free from the publisher for the purpose of this review.  That however has not colored my review.  The opinions are mine.



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