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Why debate when you can destroy?

So, I saw an article about Media Matters deciding to wage a “guerrilla war” with Fox News including actively trying to disable the company (see here). This doesn’t really come as a surprise to me. For years Media Matters, an organization that originally started with the idea of being a media watchdog, has made conservative opinion shows their primary target. For years there have been many, many stories of MM not only getting quotes wrong, but deliberately taking quotes out of context to make it appear the person they were focusing on was saying something entirely different than what they said (here’s one example). So now it’s just out in the open. Media Matters is a left wing political activist group with the sole goal of removing opposing viewpoints from the air.

The real question is why. Why would they actively try to sabotage the “enemy.” I think it goes back to something like insecurity. I don’t mind reading the viewpoints of someone I disagree with. Often times I’ll seek them out. Views that are different than your own will not hurt you. They will either a) cause you to question your own views or b) strengthen your own views because the argument you hear in the view is unconvincing. Either way the view itself is not to be feared.

People on the left do not seem to operate that way. They do not want the opposing view heard. This is demonstrated very clearly in the illegal immigration debate. Those on the left who don’t want something done to stop illegal immigration will quickly call those who do racists. Why do they do that? Is there something inherently racist about securing a country’s borders? If so then Spain, France, Lithuania, China, and even Mexico are racist countries. No one thinks the wall being built on the southern border of Mexico is racist. They call those who want to stop illegal immigration racists to try to end the debate with an emotional appeal. They try to get people to shy away from the idea of secure borders because it is associated with racism when in fact the two are unrelated.

I think the primary reason Media Matters dislikes Fox News is because they are afraid. They are afraid that the positions put out by their commentators (Hannity, Beck, etc.) will be accepted by people, that their arguments will be seen as valid. And rather than present an alternative argument they would much rather try to keep people from hearing the other side in the first place. It’s much like the business philosophy that says it’s cheaper to keep a customer than to make a new one. It’s easier to win the argument if you don’t let them hear the other side.



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