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A Great Bible to Seek Out

Seek and Find BibleI have two boys, one 6 and one 10 and as such I’m always looking for a good Bible that will grab their attention and not only be something they can read, but something they enjoy reading as well.  The ESV Seek and Find Bible fit that bill nicely.

First it has the full text of the ESV.  I appreciate that.  I think that while the translation doesn’t shy away from “big words” it also doesn’t use them just to use them.  It also uses more common or contemporary words when appropriate which is a help especially for young minds.  I like the ESV as a translation and I like that now my kids have a Bible in a translation we are all reading.

The book introductions I found to be very well put together.  Not too simple or dumbed down for the audience.  The character sketches and study helps are the same.  While many “kids” Bibles I have seen try to be the hip version (one I saw lists not wanting someone’s skateboard as the 10th commandment) this one does not fall into that category.  It gives the impression of being more timeless in that regard.

The illustrations are fantastic.  The full page story illustrations remind me of the type of illustrations they had in Bible story books from the ‘50s or ‘60s.  They are new but they give the same sense.  And how can you go wrong with using the diagrams, and illustrations from the ESV Study Bible?  I had already laid on the floor with my boys looking at the diagrams of the tabernacle and Solomon’s Temple in the ESV Study Bible and now those are in their own Bible.

I am very impressed with this Bible.  Had it been out years ago, I may have not spent so much on children’s Bibles in the past.  The only thing I would say that might be seen as negative about this Bible is it says it is for ages 5-9.  I don’t know if I think that’s accurate.  I would put it older, maybe 7-12, but that’s not a problem for me, and then again, it’s just my opinion.

I was given this book free of charge from Crossway for the purposes of reviewing it.  That has not, however, colored my opinion of it and the opinions are my own (stuff I’ve got to write for legal reasons thanks to the FCC).  To find out more about Crossway publishers you can visit their blog at www.crossway.org/blog



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