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I finished The Great Mogul Diamondreading the The Dopple Ganger Chronicles: The Great Mogul Diamond and I have to say I like the series more and more.

In this adventure Muzz Elliot is being blackmailed so she and the Dopple twins (Sadie and Saskia) must travel to France to deal with the blackmailer.  Muzz tries to shield the twins from the real reason for the trip but there’s no fooling them.  They contact Eric Ganger about what’s happening and soon he and famous detective Dorcus Potts are hot on their trail.  There’s plenty of adventure to be had as they travel across the French country side (the Dopples and Muzz Elliot by train and Eric and Dorcus in Ms. Potts new Bugatti).  Death is always around the corner in this adventure but they get help in the most unexpected places and even face an old enemy.

If you’ve never picked up one of the books in this series you should.  It’s an interesting blend of chapter book and graphic novel with additional artistic details that keeps you reading.  The idea behind the design of the books is to get reluctant readers to pick them up.  And I must say it works.  My son is not the “reader” type.  He’ll read for class but when we’re done reading for the day he’s more than happy to be done.  These books are the only he’s ever been disappointed when I said it was time to stop reading.

I’m also pleased that with this installment the book is living up to its Christian roots.  I got this book from a Christian publisher for free to review it (I’m supposed to tell you that the opinions are my own and they aren’t swayed by the book being given to me so there you go) and up until now, while the books had a spiritual aspects, they were never explicitly Christian.  Now they have become very much so.  And while I wouldn’t have minded it coming in earlier in the series Mr. Taylor did a fantastic job with how he brought it in.

A well done book that I would recommend to anyone and especially if they have a hard time getting their kids to read.



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