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They truely are “Already Compromised”

Already CompromisedSo, you’re thinking of sending your kids off to college.  Perhaps you’re considering a private religious school that has a world view more in line with the way you think.  The statement of faith looks good.  It must be a safe school, not one that would undermine the world view you spent the last 18 years nurturing in your son/daughter.

Not necessarily says the book “Already Compromised” by Ken Ham and Greg Hall.  I’ll admit I leaned to the side of thinking that already.  However the author’s put up so much evidence to back those claims up you can’t come to any other conclusion.  They hired a research firm to take a survey of a large number of Christian colleges asking questions about the inspiration of scripture, its inerrancy, and other world view issues including creation (as if you couldn’t have guessed that when you saw one author was Ken Ham).  The statistics they compiled are as convincing as they are damning.  For example when asked if they would consider themselves as young earth or old earth Christians 77.8 % of respondents in the religion department described themselves as old earthers when only 34.9 % of the science department would describe themselves that way (14.8 % and 57.1% young earthers respectively).  Why does the science department believe the account in the Bible more so than the religion department?  There assertion, and I would agree it makes the most sense, is that the members of the science department more clearly understand the differences between historical and operation science and how your worldview affects how you see the data.  It is true that everyone has the same data, they just interpret it differently.  They also found inconsistencies in how people responded to similar questions.  For example nearly 90 % of people asked said they believe the account in Genesis of creation but only 60 % said that they believed God created in 6 literal days.  Why the difference of 30 % in those two groups.  It’s because they don’t use the words the same way you may.

The book also has a lot of hints and strategies for finding a college that will not undermine the faith you have tried to instill in your children.  The book was a good read and it was filled with great information.  I would highly recommend this book for anyone with kids about to enter college (or will have them one day).

I was given the book by the publisher for the purposes of this review.  The opinions, however, are my own.



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