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The Kindle Fire doesn’t compare to the iPad and it’s not supposed to

Yesterday Amazon introduced their new line of Kindle e-readers including two touch screen e-ink versions and the much anticipated Android tablet named the Kindle Fire.  I read a lot of articles on line about how it will stack up against the iPad.  Mostly diatribes about how it didn’t have enough in the way of features to compete with the iPad.  Some people however thought it would be just the thing as it is priced substantially (at least $300) less.  What I kept thinking while reading these articles is they are getting it all wrong.  Amazon’s primary competition (and I believe they would agree with me) isn’t the iPad but the Nook Color from Barnes and Noble.

Why would I say such a thing?  The two devices do nearly the same thing, are nearly the same size, and are both marketed as e-readers.  I’ve been considering the Nook Color for some time now (nearly a month).  I considered the Cruz tablet from Borders around the beginning of the year as well.  After everything I read on the Cruz I realized it was a piece of junk.  After a while I started looking at the Nook Color since it was a similar form factor.  And I was impressed.  Barnes and Noble did a good job with the device.  But much like before, I’m glad I waited.  The Amazon device is very impressive to see used and the specs are good as well.  I’ve held the Nook Color in hand and used it a bit.  There is some slowness and lag that I don’t see in the videos of the Kindle Fire (but with a dual core processor I’d hop not).

Hopefully B&N will roll out the new version of the Nook soon.  They’ll need it.  Otherwise I fear the Nook line will go the way of the dodo.  And that would signal bad things for the company going forward.  And I like having an actual book store in town.  For me, unless the new Nook is right around the corner I think I’ll be getting a Kindle Fire.  It does what I want a device like that to do.  It does it for less.  And it has more apps.  That’s a win, win, win for me.



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