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Two weeks left to the end of the world?

End of the WorldSo it’s two weeks ‘til the end of the world.  14 short days.  At least that’s what you think if you’re one of the people who still believe in Harold Camping’s end of the world scenario.  Of course you may not know that as unlike his May 21 prediction there has been little noise from his camp (the Camping camp?) about the impending date.  This is because, according to Mr. Camping, there is no point.  Everyone who is saved is saved; everyone who is lost is lost.  This is as of his May 21 date.  That was his judgment day, but in two weeks is the end of the world.  All the billboards are gone.  All the bus tours are at an end.

This all makes me wonder, after nothing happens, again, what will happen to those who put so much faith in the man’s errant method of Bible interpretation.  This will be his third failed perdition (September of 1994, May 21st 2011, and finally October 21 2011).  I imagine it will be three strikes and you’re out for people putting their faith in him.  But I hope this disappointment they feel will not turn to anger or distrust in God.  Camping and I may disagree on a great many things but the one thing we would agree on is that you can trust the Bible.

I hope this disappointment will drive those people to search the scriptures, to look for the truth there.  It has in the past.  But it has also cause people to harden their hearts toward God.  I fear for Mr. Camping when I think of the words of Jesus when He says that great woe will come on those who cause people to stumble (Mark 9:42).  Though in the end, I pray that Mr. Camping also returns to studying his Bible and comes to recognize his errors and would be among those found in the Kingdom.  I would also encourage people to visit two websites.  www.bibleprophecytruth.com and www.aftermay21.com.  They have a large amount of information that can help you sort out what the Bible really says about the times we live in and the end of the world.



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