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The Big Book of History is a Big Hit

Big Book of HistoryYesterday I received a copy of the “Big Book of History” from New Leaf Publishers and Master Books.  I immediately loved this “book.”  I put the word book in quotes there because this is not really a book in the traditional sense of the word.  It’s more of a bound version of a fold out wall chart.  It measures approximately 15 feet long by about 15 inches tall when completely unfolded.  It contains a timeline of the world’s history with four main “time lines” mapped out.  Those four are biblical events, world events, inventions and technology, and finally civilizations and empires.  So you know in advance it does take a creationist view of the timeline starting the timeline at approximately 4004 BC.  Being one of those kooky creationists so it didn’t bother me much but if you’re not, there would be a lot to not like (I suppose).

Shortly after getting it I laid it out in our living room into the dining room and my kids just loved scooting up and down the timeline looking at different things like what year was the chocolate bar invented, how long after the TV did we get the TV dinner and more fascinating facts (18 years if you’re curious).  But it also has a lot of dates and times for events in the Bible.  When was David’s reign?  What year was Paul converted?  They’re in there (David’s reign is the Civilization/Empires line though, not the Biblical line).

This is a great resource for those involved in children’s ministry or those with children.  It comes in two flavors, the bound version, like I have, and an unbound version that you could easily put up on a wall in a classroom.  My only complaint would be the scale on the chart is inconsistent.  Each inch is not the same amount of time as every other inch.  I know why it isn’t (it would be much longer if they did) but I would still like it to be more consistent.    For those of you who are a bit older than its intended audience I have for a few years now had the Adam’s Synchronological Chart or Map of History.  It’s the same concept but it was originally done in the 19th Century and is laid out for more serious study.  Each section is the same amount of time (each being 100 years) and it has much more data on it.  My kids love that too but it lacks the inherent draw of this with its bright colors kid friendly design.

I’ve included the promo video here so you can get a better idea what the item is as the design is somewhat unique (though not entirely).


I received a free copy of this book from New Leaf Publishing for review purposes. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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