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An Above Average Book for Average Joes

I received the book Average Joe by Troy Meeder in the mail.  I received it free from the publisher for my un-influenced opinion.  The opinions in the review are my own.

I really like the idea of this book.  How many of us, after all, are not regular guys.  Mr. Meeder as a writer is easy to read and the fact that the book is not too long makes it an easy read for most.  There are many good points in the book.  In the book he tries to guide men to the importance of character (honesty, courage, etc.) and the importance to find other men to be mentored by.  This is of great importance for younger men.  It’s not something we talk about much but can make a big difference in the development of character.

The only issue I really took with the book is that, to Troy, an average Joe seems to be a blue collar, outdoorsy sort of guy.  Now , I like the outdoors but I am in no way blue collar.  I think perhaps his perspective on what makes an average Joe is skewed.  I recognize that who I am, my interests, skills, and talents are not going to be the same as every other guy.  That doesn’t make me more or less “average” than anyone else.  Most of us are average.  Our impact on the world, while perhaps not big and noticeable, are no less important.

I enjoyed the book.  But it may not be for everyone.



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