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One week (again) ’til the end of the world

I know, I know, you’ve heard me say this before but it’s coming in just one week so I couldn’t keep my big mouth shut.  In one week all of Harold Camping’s options will be spent.  It’s a do or die day for him (hopefully that’s only figuratively).  You can very easily know that the date is wrong.  His own math doesn’t agree (you can read here to find out why).  And I sincerely hope and pray that he and all his followers will use this false prophecy of Camping’s to delve into God’s Word and find out what God really says.  That’s one possibility.  I’ve started wondering what other possibilities might exist.  Will Camping accept his error or will he double down with some new, even crazier, explanation?

If he doesn’t accept his error I could easily see him saying that he misunderstood what judgment looked like and that he is among those who weren’t “true believers.”  That would be a hard pill for him to swallow but he either has to accept that or that he was not correct in his method of biblical interpretation.  Accepting that he might not be saved, in his world view, just means that God didn’t choose him and that has nothing to do with him specifically.  It’s not a matter of pride like accepting he doesn’t know how to interpret his Bible.  That makes me suspect that he may just say that we are all judged and “in hell.”  That may be the only way he saves face at this point.

However I certainly hope he doesn’t take that route.  We will all know next week.  I pray I’m wrong.



2 thoughts on “One week (again) ’til the end of the world

  1. i’m scared waaaaaaah…. WE’LL ALL DIE!!!!!!!!!! SO MAKE YOUR LAST WEEK ON EARTH YOUR BEST AND MOST UNFORGETTABLE! IF it happens. I feel like crying

    GOODBYE Lyrics

    I-goodbye feel-goodbye your-goodbye peel-goodbye
    I eat your feet
    I smell a bell
    What will I do now
    Just time will tell
    Mordecai the blue jay
    Rigby the raccoon
    Benson the gumball machine
    Skips the yeti
    Pops the ‘pop
    I wanna stop!
    Eternal world

    Posted by Randoom | October 15, 2011, 5:25 pm
  2. Hmmm…

    I’m not sure how to respond to that. I think the lyrics are a bit manic. Don’t worry though. I don’t think Friday is the end. Though it is coming. Just don’t know when.

    Posted by Far Out Madman | October 17, 2011, 4:30 pm

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