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Harold Camping, why are we still here?

I realize that I’m being a bit sarcastic and probably more than a little rude.  However I really want to know what Harold is thinking today and tomorrow.  I’ve read a couple of articles that, by their titles, I thought Harold had hedged his bets.  The word “probably” was used in reference to the date in the titles of the articles.  But if you read the articles, the probably was in the “how” of the event not the when.  There was nothing in the article that made it seem as if Harold thought it might not happen today (great job reporting stories news outlets, though I don’t know why I would expect different).  After today he has to admit that his mathematical way of interpreting scripture is not correct.  Doesn’t he?  I wonder if he does.  I hope he does.  But maybe he’ll try to find some other way to have his time prophecy be right.  He did it in 1994.  When that turned out to not be the year of Jesus’ return he changed that to be an important date in his timeline (though I couldn’t find what that date means online, not even on the family radio website).

So how will Camping treat this missed date?  I’m guessing that he will not let go of his method of interpretation.  He’ll claim he must have made a calculation error but that we can know the day of the second coming.  Even though Jesus, when He says that no man knows the day or the hour he is speaking directly to His followers.  He uses the pronoun “you” so he means His followers won’t know the day or the hour.  Camping tries to get around that but you can’t and properly interpret scripture.  Perhaps he will claim that what he interpreted as the end of the world was the end of an age.  Perhaps he’ll claim that we’re now living in the kingdom age or something like that.

There is a part of me that wonders if he will interpret this as he himself not being saved.  Perhaps he will think that all of the saved are gone, that there weren’t any faithful “true believers” left and so God left us here to rot.  That’s a possible way he can try to save face.  What’s worse to him?  For him to not have been chosen by God or that he himself failed.  One is God just decided not to save him (because in Harold’s view the people who are saved were chosen for that, and those who are lost were created to be so, he’s a very hard Calvinist in that sense), the other is that he made some mistake.  That all this time he said that it was absolute and certain he was wrong.  I think the second might be a bigger blow to him.  I wonder if his pride will allow for him to make that admission.

I pray he does make that admission.  If you or anyone you know is confused or concerned about Harold’s date setting you can find answers at www.bibleprophecytruth.com and www.aftermay21.com.  I pray God will use those resources to lead you into truth.



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