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Has God Spoken? Yes He has.

In the book Has God Spoken Hank Hanagraaff tries to make the point that the Bible is a reliable, historical document.  That it can be trusted as the Word of God.  The book itself is 400 pages of arguments and notes to that point.  And in many cases Hank does a fine job backing up his positions.  There are points I don’t agree with him on in the book.  For example that the book of John must have been written prior to 70 AD because it doesn’t mention the destruction of the temple I find unconvincing.  John wasn’t writing about something that happened 40 years after the gospel events, he was writing about what happened when Jesus walked the earth.  But even so Hank does delve into the subjects with depth and clarity.

My issue with this book is Hanagraaff himself.  It’s been a while since I’ve listened to him on the radio (he is no longer broadcast where I live) so my memory of him and his style had faded some.  I don’t know why and I won’t speculate but when he talks (and now I know when he writes) he goes out of his way to try to sound intelligent.  I will use an example I’ve heard him say on numerous occasions.  He will often say the phrase (or something like this) “when you look at the panoply of scripture.”  Panoply is a word that, I think, is used so it sounds like he’s smart.  I know what panoply means but I certainly wouldn’t use it when talking to most people (in fact I think I only use it as an example of a word that people use to try to sound smart).  You could easily say, “when you look at all of scripture” or “when you look at the complete picture in scripture” rather than use a word that will cause your audience to wonder what you really mean.

In the end though I’m glad I have the book.  It’s got a lot of good information in it and is worth reading.  Hanagraaff is thorough in his treatment of the subject.  I just don’t much care for the author’s style.  If you do then perhaps it is a great book for you.

I did receive this book for free from Thomas Nelson for my honest review of the book.  The opinions I gave are my own and are not colored by the fact I received it for free.



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