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Peter Schiff vs. the 99%

Last week, during the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protest Peter Schiff CEO of Euro Pacific Capital Inc. decided to pay a visit to the 99% protesting.  You’ve got to admire him just for having the guts to show up with a sign saying “I’m the 1%.”  He remains calm during his discussions with the OWS folks and hands them a heaping helping of facts.

He makes the OWS crowd look foolish.  He understands how capitalism is supposed to work and none of the protesters seem to.  It also doesn’t help when you try to discuss an issue with someone who knows a lot about the subject (like Schiff) to only have talking points.

Here’s some video captured by MRC TV.

You can find more videos of the exchange on YouTube.  I liked this one because the video and audio is very clear.

Well done Peter.



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