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“Peaceful” Occupy Oakland Protesters

So, how would you define a “peaceful” protest?  Perhaps you’d think there would be a lot of people, maybe making a lot of noise.  You may even imagine them just staying put when told to disperse allowing themselves to be arrested.  That would be a peaceful protest.  How about throwing bottles and rocks at police after the police order you to disperse?  Does that sound peaceful?  Doesn’t to me either.

I’ve heard a lot of people try to define the Occupy Oakland protesters as peaceful.  With images and carefully crafted public statements, facebook posts and videos they go on about how they were peaceful.  However they don’t tell you about the rocks, bottles, bricks and concrete being thrown at the police.  What would expect the police to do when confronted by a violent mob?  Stand and take it and hope one of them doesn’t land a lucky shot or worse, perhaps escalated the violence?

Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC, while doing an interview with one of the Occupy Oakland folks had her admit that the protesters began the violence that we saw.  I figure a good way to get tear gas shot at you is to be in a large mob of people yelling at, and throwing things at, the police.  The interviewee seems to thinks like a child.  She thinks she and her friends should be able to do anything they want without consequences.  The world doesn’t work that way.  She also calls tear gas a “chemical weapon” which demonstrates she’s trying to demonize the police.  Tear gas isn’t a chemical weapon as the term is commonly used.

Grow up.



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