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The Scroll – It should have been good

The Scroll: A NovelI read the book The Scroll by Grant Jeffrey and Alton Gansky published by WaterBrook Press.  I was offered the book free for the purposes of this review but that hasn’t changed my opinion of the book.  The book centers on Dr. David Chambers, an archeologist who, after deciding to leave the field of Biblical Archeology for some other area of archeological research gets pulled back in searching for the lost treasures of “The Copper Scroll.”  Complicating this is the inclusion of his ex-fiancée on the team and one of Dr. Chambers’ hated rivals (who knew archeologists had hated rivals).  There is, of course, danger, mystery and other people trying to steal the secrets of the scroll.

When offered the book I thought, “Sure, I like a good story and the addition of the subject matter would make the book all the more interesting.”  Well it didn’t.  It was, for the shortness of the book itself, a ponderous read.  Every 20 pages or so there is a few pages of one of the archeologists (usually Dr. Chambers) explaining some well-known point of Biblical Archeology to other people who already know (or should know) what he is talking about.  It would be like your kids explaining to you how to tie your shoes every day.  I know I get it, the first couple times I can forgive it but come on.

But ultimately the thing that kills the book the most is how completely unlikeable David Chambers is as a character.  If he was a real person you’d want to punch him in the neck.  He constantly snaps at people, belittles them, and goes off on emotional tirades like a 3 year old child.  I wanted to like this book, I really did, but I just disliked the hero too much.




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