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World of Science: And what a wonderful world it is.

The World of Science, published by Master Books is a great science reference for children from 7 up.  Actually it’s even a good book for those of us who are generally interested in science but are no longer in school and/or not in a science related field.  It covers all of the major sections of science: physics, biology, geography, plate tectonics, etc., all of this with many illustrations.  You can view the inside of a volcano, or look at the inner workings of the cell.  You can learn about weather patterns or see the inside of a star.

The last quarter to third of the book is made up of different experiments kids can do to learn the basic concepts they will learn in the book.  You can make a working phonograph or a hot air balloon.  Just this section alone would make the book worth picking up.  If your kids are like mine, nothing will help them learn the concepts more than getting their hands in it and do something with the concepts being learned and this book strikes that balance very, very well.

I would highly recommend getting this book especially if you have young children.  My 7 year old loves pouring over the illustrations and my 10 year old can’t wait to do more and more of the experiments.

I did receive this book free from Master Books for the purpose of this review.  That facts has not influenced my opinion on the book at all.




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