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Are you ready for the Coming Revolution? (a book review)

The Coming RevolutionThe Coming Revolution, by Richard Lee, has something of an ominous title.  Perhaps that was added to by the political tension in the air.  So I requested the book from Booksneeze.com.  They provided me with a copy free of charge for the purposes of this review.  That being said this review is purely my own and is not influenced by that fact.

The book starts out as a history lesson.  It discusses some of the disparity that present in the way the founders’ beliefs are taught and how they expressed their beliefs in their own words.  Lee presents much evidence to show that the founders were men of faith and held Christianity in particular in very high regard.  Then Lee moves on to discussing the current situation America as a country finds itself, enormous debt, lack of a moral center among other things and how he feels this will lead to a revolution in America.  Not a violent one but one that will move us back to our spiritual foundations.

In many ways I like this book a lot.  There is a lot here, a lot more than the small size of the book would make you guess.  I agree with Mr. Lee on his analysis of the founders and their beliefs.  My concern with the book is more in line with the pattern emerging that I feel the book is a part of.  That’s a larger issue than this book review can hold at the moment though.  I’ll speak about it more in the future, just not now.  But all and all it was a good book that people should read, especially if American history and/or life is a subject that interests you.



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