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Planning for disaster (with me you always should)

So, a while back I wrote an entry about how I was watching “Doomsday Preppers” and coming up with a couple of bags.  One a “bug out bag” and the other I was calling an “out bag” as just a bag to keep a couple days’ worth of my regular medications and what not in case I can’t make it back to the house for some reason.  Well those are somewhat morphing into the same thing.  So I’m not sure I’ll be doing both of those but maybe a BOB that I’ve always got with me (if anyone knows of a pack that has something along the lines of an integrated messenger with it that will attach to the main pack I’d be interested in knowing about it).

I’ve also become concerned about temporary interruptions in food supplies.  Like I said before I’m not hugely concerned about real “end of days” type scenarios but more of your natural disaster, accident, something that would mean we couldn’t be in our home for a week or had to stay locked down in our home for a week.  Generally speaking, we have enough food and water in the house to last a week if we had to.  The problem is twofold.  First, a lot of times just before we get groceries, the supplies are dwindling to the point that I’m not 100% sure we could go a week.  Secondly, if we had to grab and go, there’s not a good solution for that.  How do you empty a pantry in 10 minutes?  So my current plan is to purchase some of the 2.5 gallon jugs of water at the store, a water purification system (nothing huge or fancy, something that will fit in a back pack), and some food storage.  Food that we would have stored with the intention of not eating it until it was nearing its expiration date so we could rotate it out.

I’ve looked at a number of solutions, from putting together stuff myself, buying a “bucket o’ food” like this one, or the packs from foodinsurance.com but I’m not sure of the best option (I’m leaning toward a bucket with supplemented stuff I pick out).  Does anyone have any ideas or practical experience with this?  FoodInsurance.com seems kind of pricey for 2 weeks of food for one person ($200) but then again I don’t know how, calorie wise, it compares to the others (sometimes that info is not easy to find).  So any advice would be great.

Also if you had any recommendations on small (water bottle size) water filter devices I’d like to hear that too, though I think I have a handle on that.



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