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The Batman Arkham City Universe comes to iOS with Lockdown

So, I don’t normally review things other than books on my blog.  That’s kind of why I started it.  But I guess it’s time to branch out.  Recently the game “Batman: Arkham City Lockdown” for iOS went on sale in the app store.  When it came out late last year I was unwilling to spend the $5.99 price tag for the game but with it on sale, I figured why not.  After all, it uses the Unreal 3 engine and I was curious what they could accomplish on this platform.

Two things about the game stand out.  It is awesome and it is short.  I am not what you’d call a gamer.  I don’t play games a lot and when I do it’s just for momentary fun.  I liked video games before there was an overarching story that would eventually end the game (think Berserk, Pac-Man, Afterburner, Pole Position, etc.).  I’m probably what you would label a “casual gamer,” someone who enjoys playing video games but doesn’t do it often.  With that said, I beat the 5 levels of the game very quickly, within a couple days.  At this point I’ve achieved all I can achieve in the game.  It won’t give me more experience.  I can’t buy anymore upgrades. There is nothing more to do in the game.  However I can’t stop playing it.  It’s my go-to game when I’m trying to burn time.  The controls are intuitive and easy to get and while there are no new challenges it’s never entirely the same game twice.

And graphics, they’ve outdone themselves with the game.  It’s a great job at porting the world of Arkham Asylum/City for the iOS.  To get an idea of the quality of the graphics take a look at these screenshots I took while playing.

Taking down Solomon Grundy

Dark Knight Returns Skin

Fighting a goon

If I had one suggestion it would be that the game needs to be a little more free.  There is no movement outside of fighting.  You don’t walk Batman around at all.  He goes you follow.  Perhaps the next version will include a more free world to explore.



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