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Geocahing again!!!

The boys and I started something back up we haven’t done in quite a while this last weekend.  We went geocaching.  For those of you who don’t know, geocaching is something of a high tech treasure hunt.  What you do is you get the coordinates of a cache (a small container) and input those into a GPS.  I find them at geocaching.com.  Then you follow the GPS and look for the hidden container.  You then “trade” with the container (if you want).  They usually have small items, stickers, patches, small coins, nothing of any real monetary value.  The fun is in finding it.  Normally they are off the beaten path to some extent, though I have hunted out more urban caches.

I use a Magellan eXplorist GC (a model specifically designed for geocaching, hence the GC designation).  It’s small, brightly colored, inexpensive, waterproof and rugged, which is important if my kids are carrying it as we tromp cross country.  But you can use any GPS enabled device as long as you can enter way-points.  I’ve used smartphones, palm pilots and even an automotive GPS.

It’s a lot of fun and great exercise.  We walked a number of miles with barely a peep about being tired until the end.  Normally I get some complaints even before the first mile.  The added adventure of finding hidden “treasure” makes it that much more exciting for the kids.  Just make sure you bring along water, especially as we’re moving into the warmer months of the year.  Also some bug repellant would be a good idea.  We ran into a lot of mosquitoes (a warning those “sprayless” bug repellent systems by Off don’t work when you’re moving).

It was a good afternoon of fun with my boys.  We walked around and got hot and sweaty.  Then we indulged in a frosty beverage, ice cream and some French fries.  It was a good day.



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