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Do as I say…

So, I was reading an article on the Blaze about a study of compassion in respect to peoples religious beliefs.  After reading the article I saw the following comment:

“Does apathy and amorality represent compassion? Apathy? We don’t have apathy. We Atheists are about others. We do help others. We‘re not apathetic to other’s pain. But like religious people, we can’t help everyone. There are Christians who see starving children in Africa, but turn their nose on it and pretend that it doesn’t exist. That’s apathy. So both sides are guilty. And we don’t have an indifference to morality. We just don’t care about YOUR morality. Because YOUR morality often ends up being shoved down our throats. Like when you hear of people who aren‘t Christian or don’t follow Christian doctrine that are having sex before marriage, you people say they’re “living in sin” and “being immoral.” They’re not. If they don’t follow your doctrines, they aren’t. But by saying that they are, you’re pushing YOUR morality on them. Judging them on YOUR idea of what‘s moral and what’s immoral. And that‘s why we don’t care about YOUR “morals.” You can have them, go ahead, have at it hoss. You can believe in them as much as you want. Just stop trying to push it onto others. And I know you’re going to throw the “So stop telling people not to kill and steal?” line. You know what we mean. We mean those morals like “premarital sex” “masturbation”, etc. Notice I capitalized “your.” Know why? To show you that it’s YOUR morality, not everyone elses. Morality is subjective, not objective. Except for not killing and stealing. Those are the only objective o”

Obviously the person had more to say but was cut off by the limits of the forum.  I responded to the post there, but I thought I’d do so here too.  Mostly because it’s a very common problem with the way people argue against Christians.

First I’d like to agree that both theists and atheists can be apathetic and we should all strive to be less so.  Too many people do just look the other way.

However I find two points interesting.  First that Christians shouldn’t try to spread their morality.  For example this person seems to have a problem with Christians saying that premarital sex is sinful.  Essentially what it boils down to is I, as a Christian, shouldn’t criticize other’s morality when it conflicts with my own.  I shouldn’t make an effort to spread my own morality.  The problem here is that saying I shouldn’t spread my morality is, in effect, trying to spread his or her own morality.  So if I shouldn’t tell him not to sleep around, he can’t tell me to not tell him to sleep around.  Otherwise he would be a hypocrite.

Then he ends with the usual “killing and stealing” are amoral statement.  To this the most obvious question is why.  Why should killing and stealing be wrong?  If atheism is true then we are all just animals.  The only thing that counts is passing on our genes.  Natural selection will weed out the bad genes so your only job, really, is to pass on yours.  Killing and stealing could help in that endeavor in a thousand ways.  And no one thinks it’s amoral for an animal to kill another animal.  Have you ever said that a lion should be put on trial for killing a zebra?  I can just imagine it now.  You’re sitting there watching animal planet and you have to call the police because you just witnessed a hate crime.  “Judy, bring me the phone.  That lion just murdered that zebra just because he was striped!!!”

Come on, you don’t have to like it but if you’re an atheist you must admit, there is no logical reason for your morality.



One thought on “Do as I say…

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