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Great advice to grow the disciplines of a Godly young man

Disciplines of a Godly Young ManI received a copy of the book “Disciplines of a Godly Young Man” by R. Kent Hughes and Carey Hughes.  I received this book free of charge for the purpose of this review.  The opinions though, are my own and aren’t changed by the fact I received it for free.

I have two boys (8 and 11) and as such, good books that will help them grow into adulthood and into a relationship with Christ are always of interest to me.  So when this book came in the mail I was eager to crack it open.  I won’t say that I was excited, because it seems many of the books for young men are more superficial.   This however is not a superficial type of book.

It goes through many aspects of discipline that will be necessary for young men to grow in their relationship with Christ.  And it starts off very honestly.  Discipline is not easy and this book does not shy away from that fact.  It gives good advice, which is hard at times but always on a good biblical foundation.

For example, it talks about ridding yourself of a computer or TV if these things are causing you to drift from God.  I also appreciated that it spent quite a number of pages talking about the necessity of having a “Christian mind,” that you can’t have a Christian frame of mind without regularly being in the Word.  You must read, listen, understand, meditate, study, and act on scripture.  Being a Christian isn’t something you can decide once and then put on a shelf.  It is a dynamic growing relationship.

While both of my boys are still a bit young for this book (it’s targeted at late teen, early twenties aged boys) I will certainly keep it on the shelf and waiting for them when they get older.  And I’m sure it will appeal to them.  It is easy to read and is very light at only about 180 pages.  I highly recommend this book.



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