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Almost the end… again

Well it’s almost that time again.  And I can’t believe it’s here already.  There’s one week left of school for my younger son and three for the older boy.  It seems strange to me.  I suppose this is what all parents say this time of year but it seems like the year just started.  We just got the older one enrolled in a new school this last year and now that the years almost over I have to prepare for him to enter Jr. High (I can’t really be old enough to have a kid about to go to Jr. High can I?).

And the younger one.  I can barely believe he’s in school at all.  I guess after 6 years I’m used to the idea of the one going to school but not so much with the younger guy.  Of course for both of them it can’t come soon enough.  For them it drags out.  Minutes turn to hours, hours to days, days to weeks and so on.  While for me it seems like the opposite.  When I had weeks before the end of the year now it’s down to days.

I have a theory about that.  Here’s what it is.  In your mind, time is measure in relativity to all of the time you’ve been around.  When your 7 or 8 years old, a year is a large chunk of your life.  It’s  twelve or thirteen percent of your life.  However, when your forty years old it’s only two percent.  That feels different.  You have all these memories that cram their way into your head and your mind parcels out what it can for the new ones, all the while comparing it to what you’ve experienced so far.

Well, that’s probably not it.  It’s probably something more simple like, now that I’m older and have more things up in the air I can’t just be like I could when I was a kid.  And that’s where the time goes.



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