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Science is awesome!!! And Noah Justice will show it to you.

Awesome Science

I received two DVDs from Master Books in the “Awesome Science” series, one on Yellowstone National Park and the other on the Grand Canyon.  They both star a young man (I would guess around 12 years old) named Noah Justice (how’s that for a cool name?  “Hi, and you are?”  “Justice, Noah Justice”).

Both videos explore the scientific details of the two locations, from a creationist perspective.  That’s not to say that they make an attempt to prove God’s existence or even the Bible’s truth through science.  On the contrary, they take those two propositions for granted.  Then they look at the geologic features of the two locations and explain scientific principles that help show how all of the geology in the area can and do fit into a biblical model of the Earth’s history.  That may sound odd to you.  It would have sounded that way to me years ago.  However, as these videos demonstrate, how you interpret what you see is largely determined by the preconceptions and world view you have before you start looking.

There is a lot of good information crammed into each DVD.  I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t a dumbed down look at the science.  It is aimed at kids and as such I feared it would assume some concepts were beyond them.  That however wasn’t the case.  I personally found some of Mr. Justice’s mannerisms distracting.  I, however, am a 40 year old.  My kids also had some difficulty staying interested in the presentation.  But I view, read, and talk about a lot of creation science material.  With that in mind it’s possible that for my two boys this was all old hat.  I work for a Christian ministry and as such a few other parents at work got a chance to have their kids view the DVDs.  And the others reported great interest from these, even from the parents.  As a result we will be carrying these DVDs as well.  And while I didn’t personally find these as engaging as some other people, just on the information in them alone I would certainly recommend them.



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