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Demolish supposed Bible contradictions

Demolishing Supposed Bible ContradictionsI read the book Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions Volume 2 by Tim Chaffey, Ken Ham, and Bodie Hodge.  It is published by Master Books.  I decided to read this because I enjoy reading books on apologetics and issues in apologetics.  I believe, like the Bible says, that as believers we can help build each other up (as iron sharpens iron, Proverbs 27:17) however stone can also sharpen iron (like the whetstone you use to sharpen your knives) and this book gives both perspectives.  It gives a contrasting view in the presentation of the “contradiction” and then presents the solution from a Christian perspective.  I like that method.

The book is broken up into distinct sections (Genesis, Exodus-Deuteronomy, etc.), each with a group of supposed contradictions in that section.  What the book does it does well.  My biggest concern with the book is that it is very brief.  At only 174 pages it can’t deal with many contradictions (which is, I suppose, why it is a volume 2).  It can easily be read over a weekend, possibly multiple times if you wish.  That’s not to say it’s a bad book or doesn’t have its purpose.  If I wanted to do some reading on this subject while on a plane ride, this would be a good choice.  It would also be a good choice to introduce someone to the subject without overwhelming them with a large book on the subject.


I know a lot of people who aren’t as interested in apologetics.  This would be a book I would buy them to introduce them to the concept.  It is easy to read, and like I said, not ponderous in its volume.

This is where I’m supposed to tell you that Master Books sent me this copy for free for the purposes of this review and it hasn’t affected my review.  It hasn’t.  I did enjoy this book.



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