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Hard times

So, this is a weird post for me to write.  I don’t really consider this (or I guess I should say, I did not originally intend this as the) forum for this.  But I need some advice.  We’re (my family) struggling financially a bit.  Well, honestly, more than a bit.  I’m concerned about our ability to keep our house, the potential need for bankruptcy (can’t believe I’ve said that out loud) and how our bills have caused us to spiral a bit out of control.

I have a pretty good handle on what has caused us to flounder like we have.  I could go into it, but I think (let me stress think) I’ve got a good handle on what went wrong.  Let’s just say it has something to do with me not planning well, and thinking payday loans were a good solution (have I ever mentioned I’m a complete idiot???).  So now my goal is to fix pull myself out of the hole I’ve created.  To that end, I need to figure out how to make a good size chunk of money within a relatively short period of time, legally of course.

So that brings me to this post.  Do any of you have any advice to that end?  Any methods you’ve used to make some money fast for an emergency.  I’ve tried to convince myself that by posting it here I’d be potentially helping others (by having a forum for people to find this information when they have hard times) but honestly I don’t really know what else to do.  So, do any of you have a legit way to make some fast cash?



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