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The truth about “Big Truths for Little Kids”

Big Truths for Little KidsI received a copy of the book “Big Truths for Little Kids” from Crossway.  I always like getting books from Crossway as they are usually well written and solidly based on scripture.  So when I saw the package in the mail I was excited to get it.  When I opened the box I was not as excited as both of my boys are past the age where they would like a book of this nature.  It is targeted at kids much younger than mine.

The book is set up as a story about a group of kids as they go about their day to day life.  Each chapter starts out with a series of questions on matters of faith and answers to those questions.  The idea was to make a catechism for children (though not a Catholic one).  I appreciate the idea of the book.  It was nicely bound and I do believe the stories would appeal to the age group targeted.  However I would not recommend this particular book.  There are two main reasons for that.  First of all, there were some of the answers I disagree with in the book.  Not all, but some.  Having those in a book for young children is, in my opinion, a bad precedent to set.

Second, and more importantly, is the general lack of any biblical references at all.  The book has a lot of questions and answers, but I think only a handful of verse references.  And those are so vague in how it’s being applied to be almost useless.  I believe that this is a fatal flaw.  I realize the kids targeted by the book won’t be doing any looking up of verses in the Bible based on this book (most likely this will be read to a child by a parent), however those supporting verses will make further discussion on those topics possible.  Even if I disagree with the answer given, if the appropriate verses are sited then I, as the spiritual leader of the household, can open the Word to explain, not only the correct interpretation, but why I think the book has it wrong.  Sure I can do this without them, but it should be standard to reference the Bible when trying to teach the truths of the Bible.

Crossway did supply this book to me free of charge for the purposes of this review.  That hasn’t affected my opinion of it (obviously).



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