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The Fail of Failblog

I have, for a long time, loved failblog.org.  I would go and view people falling off skateboards or posting stupid things on facebook.  I would read hilarious autocorrects or watch parents do things that you’d think a person able to have a kid would know they shouldn’t do.  Unfortunately I will no longer be visiting their site.  Not because I decided seeing a redneck crash his ATV wasn’t worth watching anymore but I won’t go anymore because nearly every post has some sort of political undertone to it.

Did I say, “some sort?”  I should have said a decidedly left of center political view point is constantly being expressed on the site.  I was on the “failbook” portion of the site today and literally every post was advocating for some left leaning cause.  Personally I don’t care what the political leanings of the owners of the site are.  I just don’t want to constantly hear about it.  It’s the same with actors.  I don’t care what their political views are as long as they don’t so associate themselves with it as to make watching them impossible to do without being aware of it.

The folks over at fail blog have chosen to make their site all about politics, and to a lesser extent atheism.  If that’s what their goal was, fantastic you’ve managed to accomplish your goals.  If the goal was to create a site with funny pictures and videos that people could come and laugh at, even if you’ve done the same thing yourself, then they’ve failed (perhaps they should put failblog on failblog???).  To see any of the non-political posts I’d have to wade through so much ridiculous garbage it makes it tedious to do so.

Plus most of the political points they try to make are so laughably idiotic I just can’t take it anymore.  Anyway I won’t be visiting their site anymore and it makes me sad.  They took a once great site and turned into a hole on the internet.



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