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Swipe by Evan Angler

Swipe by Evan AnglerRecently I read the book Swipe by Evan Angler.  It’s a bit of dystopian literature aimed at primarily middle school aged kids (I think).  The main character, Logan Langley, has the feeling that he’s being watched.  He’s nearing the age where everyone makes the choice.  On his thirteenth birthday he’s expected to pledge.  He’s nervous though because when his older sister went to pledge she never came home.  Then there’s the new girl at school, Erin.  He can’t seem to get her out of his head.

Then, one night walking home from Erin’s house he catches someone watching him, following him.  He tries to question the culprit but the boy runs right into that part of town where no one wants to go.  Where the unmarked live.  You see, Logan lives in a world of contrasts.  Some people in this world seem to have it pretty good.  There are all kinds of new technologies that he has access to.  However some people live in abject poverty.  Without pledging and receiving the mark you can’t buy or sell, work or go to school.  And everyone knows that the unmarked are bad people… aren’t they?

The book takes place in a fictionalized Christian end-times scenario.  One thing I particularly liked about the book is it isn’t a “Left Behind” or “secret rapture” scenario.  The writing is good.  It started a bit slow as the characters were introduced but once it started going it was a fast paced read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Why I seem to read so much teen literature?  Who knows?



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