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Camping and Man’s Inhumanity

camping tripLike many people this last Labor Day weekend we had planned a camping trip.  My family (father, cousin, brother) have been going on this trip for years.  This year I decided my two boys and I would go.  We were leaving Friday so I had the boys gather up all their stuff and pack it up Thursday night.  They got all their cloths, books, sketchbooks, knives, bows, fishing poles ready to go and we set it all up neatly in the garage ready to go.

So after I got up Friday morning and had breakfast I was sitting watching the news when the doorbell rung at 6:50 AM.  That’s weird, who would be at the door at that hour?  It was our neighbor across the street.  It seems someone went through our neighborhood breaking into cars and looking for garage door openers.  My garage was wide open.

The thieves had made off with the fishing poles, bows, tent, our bags of cloths, all the knives including 3 knives and two machetes of mine, a portable water filter, Magellan GPS, a pair of glasses and various other things (about $500-600 all told).

We were able to replace what we needed to so we could make the trip, but really, what kind of person steals from kids?  It was obvious they were stealing from kids too.  One of the bows was probably only two feet tall (jr compound).  I can’t even fathom the mind that has no problem stealing from kids.  They saved for months for some of those things, some others can’t be replaced (the recurve bow belonged to a deceased relative).

I hope what they did haunts them.  I hope it causes them to regret the path they are on.  I know it likely won’t.  I know they were just looking for stuff they can sell fast to make a quick buck, discarding what they couldn’t sell, probably to pay for drugs.  I know this, but I hope I’m wrong.



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