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I’d vote for “President Me”

PM1I had noticed the book “President Me” by Adam Corolla as I was walking through the local Target. I was aware of Mr. Corolla but I had never really watched/listened to any of his material before. However the cover was caught my eye (how could Mr. Corolla in an Uncle Sam hat not). I have a Barnes & Noble NOOK eReader (well, a couple actually) so I downloaded the sample to get an idea what the book was like.

What I read was great. So great I dropped enough hints that my wife bought me a copy for Father’s Day (and I bought a copy for my brother and my brother in law).

I can’t wait for a few particular policies of his to get enacted. Like his thought that everyone should drive aggressive enough their passenger should be trying to “Flintstone” stop the car through the floorboard. Clearly I have slipped in my driving because there aren’t enough gasps from my wife as we’re driving. And the therapy dog thing. I know what he means. Just a week ago a guy came in to the office with his dog with the little green vest on. I don’t know what he “needed” the dog for but it was on a leash, not a harness so the guy could be led by the dog. Not to mention the guy sat in the cubicle next to mine and was looking at my co-worker’s screen discussing what was on it. Not blind, don’t need to bring your dog to work. I realize as a type 1 diabetic I could have a dog trained to sense when my blood sugar level is low (not sure how, but I saw it on the news so it must be true). However I could just rely on something like, the meter I use to test, or, you know, if I get hungry.

My favorite part of the book however is that he just doesn’t care if what he thinks pisses you off. Don’t get me wrong, there were some things he said in the book, had I a thinner skin, might have been insulting to me (sorry I do believe in angels). But I’m a big boy and I don’t expect everyone to agree with everything I believe. I have other things to worry about. So while I can see how many might become offended by what he says, oh well. Grow the hell up.

With that said, it is certainly not a book I would let my children read. Just with the talk about what goes on in a hotel room when men are traveling is enough to get me to make that call (let’s just say don’t bring a black light to a hotel room). But the language is such that they don’t need that much exposure to that. Sure I know they will hear all that stuff, and once they’re adults I would lend them my copy, at this age it is definitely off the reading list.

It is most definitely, primarily intended to be funny, but he makes a lot of very good points in the book. He might make you mad, but hopefully he makes you think. After all, that’s what books should do.

Well worth the money.



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