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Man Alive! I did not like that book

Man-Alive-book-coverI was sent a copy of Man Alive a while back by the publisher for review. Some books speak to you; they draw you in and call you to action. Books that you read and that’s a point in your life you can clearly pinpoint that that is the time where your life changed, where your outlook or worldview has forever been altered.

This is not one of those books.

At least for me it wasn’t. And it should be. That’s the books point, to help you find a new meaning or direction in Christ. I’m not sure why it didn’t speak to me. Reading reviews, it seems to have spoken to a lot of other people. In fact the only negative review I read (other than my own I suppose) was one where the reviewer took issue with the book being “too Christian” as though that is something to be ashamed of. As if relying on Christ is somehow a negative thing.

I won’t say it’s a bad book. I can’t say that really. It’s just that if the goal of the book was to inspire and move men, at least for my part, it failed.

Oh, and I supposed to say I received this book at no cost for the purposes of this review and that my review is my own honest opinion.



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