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It is Fried & True

FriedTrue_BookThis may be one of my shorter reviews of a book yet. That’s not negative though.

I got the book Fried and True to review from the publisher for the purposes of reviewing it. I won’t say I tried all the recipes but I will say that getting the book for free didn’t affect my rating of the book. Fried and True is a cookbook that focuses on fried chicken and sides to go with it. At least in some part that’s true. There is a lot of “story” in this cookbook. That isn’t necessarily bad, but it was less to my liking.

I do like fried chicken though so I was excited to get this and try it. I don’t know if it’s left the kitchen since we got it. There are plenty of recipes for chicken (as you’d expect) and sides (some sides you may not expect, like a recipe for those biscuits Popeye’s servers, mmmm). Just to let you know, many of them do contain lard. I probably shouldn’t be surprised, but I was. I don’t eat pork so having to work out some substitutions was in ordered for some of the recipes (the only thing better than fried chicken is spicy fried chicken and one of those recipes had lard). So be prepared.

If you like to cook and you like fried chicken (and perhaps if you like some backstory to your recipes) you’ll want to get a copy. Definitely worth finding and buying a copy.

As I said, short, but to the point.  Worth getting.



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