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I love some Crap Taxidermy

ctvI recently received a new book called Crap Taxidermy in the mail. It’s a relatively small book. Only about 6 X 8 inches and less than 100 pages. On top of that it is mostly pictures of, you guessed it, bad taxidermy examples. And boy are some of them bad. After all, look at this cat:


There are a lot of pictures like that. One section even has what you might call amalgamations (mixing of two or more animals into a new creature) like this funny winged rabbit.


First let me say, my family and I enjoyed this book very much. We laughed over and over at the pictures. I even enjoyed the bonus section in the back on how to taxidermy a mouse which I was not expecting. I don’t think I’ll ever try it but it was interesting to be sure. My kids got a blast out of it, and anything that can pull their attention away from electronics willingly I’m probably going to like.

My only issue is that I’m not sure I would pay the $12.99 list price for the book. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the book, a lot, but if I had seen it at Barnes & Nobles and flipped through it I would not have purchased it (I’m pretty sure). It just seems like I could have gotten most, if not all, the content of this book on the internet. On Amazon it is $9.22 and I might have for that, but I wouldn’t have searched for it there. Perhaps I’m just not in the target demographic for the book. Not young enough with enough disposable income.

Oh, and I’m supposed to tell you that even though I got the book for free that hasn’t influenced my review and I think you can tell that’s true.



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