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I love one pot cooking but…

onepotOne thing I’ve always liked was “one pot” style foods; chili, pot roast, soups, stews, etc. So I was pretty excited when a cookbook called One Pot was made available to me to review (at no cost which is even better). This is going to be the part of the review where I tell you that getting the book for free in no way influenced my opinion of the book.

So when I get the book the first thing I noticed was that it was “from the kitchens of Martha Stewart Living.” That’s great (I guess). Doesn’t everyone love Martha Stewart? This should be good. Then I take a closer look at the cookbook and I notice one of my culinary no-nos. The cover has a big pot of some kind of chicken dish and in the pot are what look like legs and thighs with the skin still on. There is a reason people like fried chicken and it’s not because of the chewy chicken skin. If you’re not going to fry the skin (either on the bird or off) get rid of it. It is entirely unappetizing (to me).

So when I start flipping through the book it doesn’t get better. I mean, I expected to have a portion of the book unusable by me (I don’t eat pork or shellfish) but even the other dishes, while perhaps might be delicious, looked unappetizing. For example, Beef on a String is an unfamiliar recipe to me. It might be great. However the picture associated with the dish had a very grey brown piece of meat half hung (by string) in a pot of some sort of broth. It did not make me want to eat it.

But that is a positive thing as well I suppose. All the recipes have photographs of them. Not every cookbook does that and they should. It does help a lot in not just deciding if you want to cook it but in understanding how things should be put together.

Should you buy this book? I wouldn’t. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good recipes (chili and pot roast for example) and some have intentional twists thrown in. I just didn’t see that much in this book that would make it necessary if you have a cookbook you like.



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