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Good French Roots

frEvery once in a while I get a new cookbook. Sometimes it’s to try something new. Sometimes it’s just to see what someone else made to inspire me in some way. When I got French Roots it was for the former. You see, I don’t know that I really had any idea what French cooking is. I thought I’d get the cookbook and then, at least I’d have an idea what it was that I had heard about.

Truth be told, there are aspects of French cooking in what I do already (though I don’t know that I knew that). Or perhaps it’s just this particular book. I found it a very worthwhile part of my kitchen library (yes I’m the type that has a library and a kitchen library).

The book is full of wonderful pictures that help present the food it discusses in a more visceral, real way. I’ve always found cookbooks without pictures a strange thing. Functional, perhaps, but they don’t make you want to eat something. That is not a problem here. The pictures are numerous and vibrant. You get a sense of the food before starting.

The stories are also great. They aren’t necessary in a cookbook and in general I am not looking for them. Cookbooks are supposed to be about the food, not someone’s home life. Perhaps because of the subject matter here (a cuisine from a foreign culture) they made more sense to me here. Seemed to be a part of the food rather than just filler to meet a page quota.

It’s a great book that I’d recommend to those familiar with French cooking and those (like me) who aren’t.

Oh and I’m supposed to tell you that this review isn’t influenced by getting the book for free. It hasn’t.



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