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Human anatomy as a whole, a review of Classic Human Anatomy in Motion

chaimI’ve had two anatomy books in my life. Early in my artistic career I purchased Human Anatomy for Artists: The Elements of Form By Eliot Goldfinger. It is a fantastic guide to the different parts of human anatomy. Each part of the body is broken down into an actual photograph of an artist flexing to highlight a specific muscle or muscle group and illustrations of all the muscles in place, just the muscle on the bones, and just the skeleton.

As I said this is a fantastic resource and I’m glad an artist friend had recommended it to me. I had to order it from the local Tower Books (no internet in those days) and wait for the store to call so I could go pick it up. The one issue with the book I have (and have always had) is it doesn’t do a great job of showing all of the parts working together. Don’t get me wrong, you can piece things together with the book but still you’re drawing individual parts and trying to paste them together.

So when I was offered a chance to review the book Classic Human Anatomy in Motion to review from bloggingforbooks.com I was very interested. Not so much for myself but as I have a son who is very interested in art so this could be a great resource for him to use.

It does have its fair share of anatomy break downs that show you much the same as my other book. However it does do a nice job of showing how those muscle groups interact when you, raise your arm, for example. This is exactly what I was looking for. There are also great sections on expressions, and other things like that. If I had to choose one anatomy book, I’m not entirely sure I would choose this over my other one. That sounds like a put down. But it isn’t. That other one is really good, but I also have had it for decades. Not sure I could give it up. If I was, I would for this book though. It’s not quite as in depth as the other but, especially for a new artist, has invaluable instruction on how all the parts go together and work together. Definitely worth the money.



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