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Unethical ethics

This will be my shortest post in a while as the point is clear.

In a recent conversation I was having with someone on Twitter I was told I should do some reading on ethics (this from a person who told me a bold faced lie).  This is the tweet:


This is absolutely hilarious.  Why you might ask?  If you don’t know, Peter Singer back in 1993 suggested that no newborn should be considered a person until 30 days after birth.  Some birth defects, he said, should be cause for the attending physician to kill the baby on the spot, no questions asked.  He even said that newborn babies have less value than a dog.  This is who should teach me ethics?

Well it does make it abundantly clear why her morals (or lack thereof) are so monumentally screwed up.

(I at one time was hiding people’s identities when I posted their tweets here, but I don’t want this one to be forgotten as, a) it is hugely condescending, and wrong, to assume I’ve never read on ethics, b) is an endorsement of such a vile individual I don’t want any deniability that this tweet was made.)

In case you’d like some references for Mr. Singer, here are a few:






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