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Foundation Study Bible – A review

FSBI received a copy of the NKJV Foundation Study Bible from Thomas Nelson for review through their BookLook for bloggers program.  It was free but that hasn’t affected my opinion of it.

While the NKJV isn’t my favorite translation I do like it.  So that’s a plus.  This Bible does come in a KJV version which I’m sure some will prefer (and there are some advantages to the KJV) so that’s a nice plus if you’re looking for a new Bible.  As hardcover Bibles go this is about what you’d expect.  It seems as though it will hold up well to use.  It’s a bit small for me in the text size department but I’m getting older so that isn’t a hindrance for many.

This Bible does not have either center or side column references which personally I like (lean toward side myself).  I’m not a huge fan of inline references as I feel it can interrupt the flow.  And while I know I’m supposed to expect (and perhaps even want) two column format in my Bible I actually prefer single column paragraph format.  This one is paragraph format but has two columns.  So it’s half way there.  The notes are good.  Not perfect but I’ve found if I only had study bibles that agree with me 100% then I wouldn’t have many (or any) study bibles at all.  I’m of the opinion that as a Christian (or just as an average person even) you have to learn to eat the meat and spit out the bones.  Or as my vegetarian friends would say, eat the watermelon and spit out the seeds.  Basically you have to be able to understand what is good reasoning and what is not.  What is being drawn from the text (exegesis) and what is being read onto the text (eisegesis).

You could certainly do worse than this for a study bible (perhaps I’ll do a review of the Modern Life Study Bible, also by Thomas Nelson, sometime).  It won’t be my favorite (the ESV Study Bible is one of my favorites) but it is a solid study bible.




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