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Long May She Wave

9780553459289I received a copy of Long May She Wave from the publisher (Random House) for the purpose of this review.  The fact that it was free does not change my review in any way.

Full disclosure here, this item was not exactly what I expected.  I believe the product description is actually for a coffee table book about the flag by the same author.  Though calling Kit Hinrichs this item’s offer is a little bit of a misnomer.  He is more the curator of this collection.  This is a set of 100 postcards (doubled, as each one has a duplicate, one to keep and one to use) in a box that resembles a book.

Despite it not being what I expected, it’s actually a very nice set.  The postcards come from many different eras and have a very nostalgic sense to them.  If you enjoy looking at old photographs you’ll enjoy this set.  If you enjoy collectables of a patriotic nature you will also enjoy this.  There are many pictures of old campaign signs and logos that make use of the flag.  I particularly like the one of the “shield” with lightbulbs running around it and the Uncle Sam bank.

Each postcard has a short description of what is on the front.  My wife’s concern with this is that people generally only send postcards when they’re on vacation and at that time they usually have something to do with where the postcard is coming from.  That’s probably true.  That doesn’t mean that this isn’t a fun set or that you must use postcards that way.  Maybe I’ll use some this year around the 4th of July to say “Happy Independence Day!” to friends and family.  I think that would make for a unique way to celebrate the holiday.

Anyway, while I wasn’t expecting what I got, I am glad I got this.  Somehow looking at the pictures this way, rather than in a book is a better experience, at least for me.



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