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Man, Myth, Messiah – A Review

mmmI was given a copy of the book Man, Myth, Messiah by Rice Broocks to read by the publisher for the purposes of reading it and giving an honest review.  This is that honest review.  It hasn’t been swayed in any way by the fact that I got the book for free.

Now that the business is concluded, on to the review.

I’ve been reading a lot of books on apologetics recently.  Books by J. Warner Wallace, Frank Turek, John Lennox, etc.  Each book has its own individual strengths and weaknesses.  Most of them cover at least similar ground but each also has things in it I’ve never heard (or don’t recall hearing) before.  For example this book talked about the placement of the tomb of Jesus.  It was discovered that in 44 AD the walls of Jerusalem expanded.  With this expansion it put the tomb inside the walls of Jerusalem.  Jews would not bury a person inside the walls of a city.  So if the tomb site was made up hundreds of years later (as some have asserted) it would not have been placed inside the walls that were in existence.  This is strong physical corroboration of Jesus from an early time period (within 11 years of His death).  That means the site was likely established within a decade of the crucifixion and death of Jesus.  If there was no resurrection then there would be no early evidence for it.  The people in the area would have remembered if Jesus had in fact been executed and buried so there would have been no easy way to fake it (non-believers would have said something).

I liked this book.  It wasn’t my favorite on the subject but it is a solid effort and I will likely read it again.  If you were looking for a book to give to a doubting friend to provide some historical evidence for your faith this is not a bad book.  It is a bit more “preachy” than some others.  I would likely give someone Cold Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace if I was planning it out.  However if I was reading it (or happened to have the book on me at the time) I wouldn’t hesitate to give this book to a non-believer.

For an already believing Christian who just wants to learn some of the historical evidence for the New Testament this is a great book.  Certainly worth the time it took to read it.



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