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Deleted E-Mails, Humor, and Not Always Being so Serious

The-Deleted-Emails-of-Hillary-Clinton-e1441316635318So I’m not entirely sure what I expected from the book The Deleted E-Mails of Hillary Clinton.  It wasn’t nearly the politically motivated book that you might think.  While I’m sure that poking fun at Mrs. Clinton, in and of itself, will be viewed by some as a political attack I didn’t find the book politically charged at all really.  It’s not as though there were huge sections with “emails” about not wanting to help soldiers and/or ambassadors in Libya.

The book starts out with notes about getting things ready for the job, buying pant suits and definitely not being jealous about not being president (wink, wink).  It’s by and large just good natured ribbing about the things everyone knows about Mrs. Clinton.

If you hate her, you’ll probably think the book is too easy on her.  But it’s not supposed to be a serious indictment of her as a politician.  It’s supposed to be a lighthearted, and funny, look at what kind of emails might be found in her deleted emails.

If you love her you’ll probably be the type to not want to see any jokes pointed her way.  As such this book will seem just mean.  At least that’s what I’ve noticed about many on the left.  They don’t seem to enjoy any jokes about their political picks (which is weird since so many comedians fall left on the political spectrum).

So here’s what I say to both of you.  Chill out.  Not everything has to be a serious discussion of the issues.  If you picked up this book looking for that, go home, go to bed and get up in late November.  We’ll all be better off for it.  I hope most people will just take the book for what it is and enjoy it as the parody it is.



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