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Amazing Animal Facts postcards

amazing-animal-facts-50-colorable-postcards-boxAs you probably know if you’re reading my blog, from time to time I write reviews of books that different publishers send me (BTW this seems as good a time as any to say that getting these for free doesn’t affect my reviews of them).  My last item was not a book though.  It is a set of postcards.  The Amazing Animal Facts postcards to be precise.  They come in a nice box with dividers, not unlike a recipe box, to separate out the different types of animals (Sea, Forrest, Field, Jungle, Sky).  There are two of every card which would allow you to send one and keep one if you wanted to keep a set.

tumblr_oi7aqwme6f1t3i99fo4_1280All of the cards are printed in black and white.  This is so you, or your recipient, can color them in (I suspect they intend you to, but you can make that call on your own).  I personally don’t want to sit and color.  I know adult coloring books are all the rage now but, while I can in some respects understand the allure, it’s not something I have ever felt the need to do.  I do, however, find the illustrations on the cards charming, as I do the facts presented on them.

There’s not a whole lot more to say about these cards other than I like them.  I don’t know that I have need to send out postcards, or that I ever will.  But I like the art on them enough to be glad I have them around.  It’s an interesting product, and I would love to see a similarly designed book with more animals represented.  I only wonder if, as a product, this one has any real staying power.



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